Advanced Drilling




Absolute temperature

Absolute zero is 0 degrees on the Kelvin scale it is equivalent to -273° C.


Abrasion wear

A wear pattern that occurs due to the chips rubbing across the surface of the tool.



A term that describes the stickiness of a material.






The amount of play between gear teeth and drive mechanisms.


Bending moment

Is the result of a force applied on a body at a point away from where the body is fixed.


Binder metal

A metal that is used to hold together numerous particles. For example in cemented carbide the binder metal is Co.


Brittle wear

Wear that effects the brittle particles along the cutting edge.



Alloy element

The components that are used to make an alloy.



Is a term used to describe a non-crystalline body.


Anodic oxidation

A process in which an electric anode is used for oxidizing.







Built-up edge

Built-up edge generally occurs when turning. It is a condition where some of the workpiece material welds to the cutting edge.


Burnish effect

An effect that occurs at the margin of a drill. Burnishing tends to rub the internal diameter of the drilled hole and can improve the surface finish.


Bush length

Is the length of a bush that is used to

prevent the drill from wandering and

supports it during deep hole drilling.