Advanced Drilling



Kanban system

A production control system set up by Toyota in the 1970's.





Line (Copy machining)

A machining operation that follows the geometry of the workpiece.







Mechanical properties

Properties of a material that show its elastic behavior when a force is applied, thereby indicating its suitability for mechanical applications. (For example; modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, hardness etc.)





N2 gas atomizing device

A device used to atomize high-speed tool steel. The device supplies high purity nitrogen gas under high pressures in to the molten high-speed tool steel.



The Kelvin temperature scale is a system that uses the same scale as degrees centigrade. However the absolute zero is equivalent to -273° C.




Lip height

The height of the shoulder of the drills cutting edge to the base of the drill.


Liquid phase

A phase in which the component becomes liquid.















Near net shape

Near net shape describes a component that is made very close to the finished prodcut size.


Notched flute

A cutting edge that is notched to provide

effective chip breaking properties.