Advanced Drilling



Particle boundary

Refers to the boundary along the particles within the structure.


Particle growth inhibitor

Prevents or limits the grain growth in the sintering operation.


Plasma electro-discharge

A process that uses electricity to break down the charged particles.


Plastic deformation

Plastic deformation is a term used to describe the deformation that remains permanent after release of the stress exerted on it.





Re-crystallization temperature

When in the solid state a temperature at which recrystallization takes place.


Residual stress

When a body is not exerted to any outside force, the residual stress refers to the internal stresses that remain inside a material after it has been formed.


Positioning accuracy

A term that refers to the accuracy of the position of the cutting edge when changed.


Post preocessor

A device to convert data into a readable format for CNC machines.


ppm order

Parts per million.



A chemical process in which a solid substance is separated from a solution.







Retained austenite

Generally at ambient temperatures austenite is not found. However under certain cooling conditions, austenite can be retained in the grain structure.



A thin sectioned wall to support a mould.