Selecting a drill



Drills have two cutting edges that are rotated and The type of drill to be selected depends on a number of factors, such as the machine, work-piece material and the required machining accuracy. In general, high-speed steel drills are used at a cutting speed of approx. 30m / min or under. They are inexpensive and suitable for a wide range of application. High-speed steel drills are inferior to solid carbide drills in terms of machining accuracy. However due to the high toughness they can be effectively used on low rigidity machines and for drilling of interrupted holes. The cutting speeds and feeds for solid carbide and brazed carbide can be set higher than for high-speed steel drills. When compared to a high-speed steel drills the machining efficiency of solid carbide and carbide brazed drills is 3~5 times higher for an external coolant types and 5~10 times higher for an internal coolant types. Indexable inserts are mainly used for the drilling of medium to large diameter holes.


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