Advanced Turning




Table refers to the base of a machine that is used to attach the workpiece to.


Taper collet

A taper collet is a collet that has its grip in a taper form.



Tapping is a machining method in which threads are generated.


Tensile strength

Easiness to conduct heat.


Thermal conductivity

The value found by dividing maximum load applied on a material that is stretched until being cut by the material sectional area.


Thermal Cracks

Separations in the cutting edge visible perpendicular to, and then parallel to the cutting edge due to thermal stress and thermal fatigue in interrupted cuts.


Thermal expansion coefficient

A coefficient that refers to the fractional change in length (or sometimes in volume) of a material for a unit change in temperature.


Thermal filament

Is a term used to describe a component used inside a bulb to conduct electricity with the objective of generating heat or light.


Three rake geometry

A drill that has 3 rake faces.



The force that acts opposite to the feed of a drill.



Titanium oxide


Tool consolidation

A reduction in the number of tools required to carry out an operation.


Tool offset

The value that represents the length of tool to the tooling datum face.


Tool post

A table to which tool holders or boring bars are fixed when turning.



To prepare fixtures, cutting tools and cutting data that are necessary for machining.



A rotational force that acts opposite to the rotation of the drill.


Torsional strength

The strength in relation to the torque experienced when drilling.



A property of being strong and not easily

broken by external force.


Transverse rupture strength (TRS)

A value that represents the resistance to fracturing.



A machining operation that is used instead of conventional slotting. Machining is carried out in a trochoidal arc, hence the name.



Cloudy, opaque, unclear.


Twist drill

A drill with either left or right hand flutes.