Advanced workpiece materials


Tempering is a process that is generally carried out on a steel that has already been quench hardened. The main reason for a tempering process is to remove some of the excessive hardness while maintaining strength. The process is as follows;


Re-heating (below the A1 temperature)

The steel is re-heated slowly and uniformly to a temperature below A1.


Holding (certain period)

The steel is held at this temperature to ensure that the carbon atoms saturated in the martensite diffuse to form a carbide precipitate and ferrite (a) and cementite (Fe3C).



Removes brittleness from a steel

- Improves ductility

- Improves toughness

- Improves strength- Provides a stable structure.


Depending on the actual temperatures used in the process, if a lower temperature is used then some of the original hardness can be maintained.


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= Increases toughness