Basic Drilling


Regrinding and tool life

Solid carbide drills and brazed type drills require regrinding. Therefore, making it necessary to assess the number of times regrinding can be carried out. Additionally it is also necessary to assess the tool life after regrinding. Indexable drills do not require regrinding, making the tool management and operation of indexable insert drills a little easier.


Solid carbide drills are more expensive than high-speed steel drills. Solid carbide drills are used because as they can machine hardened workpiece materials, can perform high-speed, high-efficiency machining and can lengthen tool life. As solid carbide drills are used at high cutting speeds and high feeds, the machine to be used and workpiece materials need to be firmly clamped to improve rigidity so as to prevent breaking.


Grinding of 0.5mm~1.0mm