Basic Milling

Tool holders

To perform high-speed and high-accuracy end milling and shorten preparatory time, it is important to consider tooling(tool holders).

BT shanks are widely used. Sometimes, HSK shanks (ISO standards) that can deal with high-accuracy machining with two-face contact clamping are used.

In Japan, ICTM standards HSK shanks are often used on multi-task machining centres.  In ICTM standards, dimensions and tolerances of a spindle drive key and a tool holder key way were changed based on ISO standards, and the clearance between the spindle drive key and the tool holder key way are set at minimum to maintain high-accuracy cutting edge positioning. ICTM standard HSK shanks can maintain high-accuracy cutting edge height in turning. Therefore, there will be less unevenness of machined diameters.  And it can reduce a possibility of leaving a lug at the centre of the workpiece when facing.


Shank types:


Tool holders:


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