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Cermet is a term that is made up from the words ceramics and metal. Cermet has both the hardness of ceramics and the toughness of metals.


Cermet is made of the same powder elements as cemented carbide is. However unlike the main element of cemented carbide is WC, cermets use titanium carbide (TiC) as the main element. The binder metal used for cermets is nickel (Ni). This is because Ni has higher adhesion strength to TiC than cobalt (Co).  Though there are disadvantages with this, one being that the adhesion strength between TiC and Ni is not as strong as it is between WC and Co. Thus the toughness of cermets tends to be weaker than that of cemented carbides. To improve the toughness of cermets, the additions of materials such as molybdenum (Mo), titanium nitride (TiN) and other metal has been introduced. This lead to devlepment of TiC-TiN-Mo-Ni-based cermets that offer improved toughness and is today‚Äôs mainstream cermet.


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Microstructure of cermet