Tool grades

Sintered compacts

Sintered compacts (CBN and Diamond)


The advancement of ultra high pressure technology has allowed for the manufacture of an artificial composition of diamond and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride). Both the diamond and CBN tool grades have a similar crystal structure, and as a result both posses excellent properties as tool materials.


CBN is not a naturally occurring material. CBN has hardness properties second only to diamond and is manufactured by transforming cubic system BN into CBN using an alkali metal or alkali metal nitride as a catalyst. For tool materials an abrasive type grain or sintered CBN is used. Sintered compacts are a tool grade material that consist of microcrystal synthetic diamond or CBN. The tool grade is formed by the addition of a number of binder metals under high pressure.


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Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of sintered tools can be broken into two phases. The first process is to produce  the actual sintered compact, the next process is to make a finished tool from it.

Microstructure of sintered CBN.

Microstructure of sintered diamond.